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Garth Hewitt
C. A. Music/Word Music, LLC
NeroTogether We Will Stand

Nero's watching video while Rome begins to burn
Nero's wearing roller skates so he can quickly turn
And get away from what he doesn't want to see or want to hear
Nero's wearing headphones and they stretch from ear to ear
Nero's got a private world for which the heart may yearn
Nero's watching video while Rome begins to burn

Nero lives the lyrics he hears in every song
Nero is the hero, Nero's having fun
Nero's going crazy, Nero's going blind
He's fed too much on fantasy, he's somehow crossed the line
Nero can you hear me, is there anyone inside
Nero keeps on laughing so no one knows he's died

Tension on the TV, a world out of control
Wounded people weeping never touch his soul
Nero's changing channels, Nero's moving on
Nero's feet are moving to a very different song
Nero can't you hear them, don't you ever feel the pain
The words go through his ears, but they never touch his brain


Nero's watching video, Nero's at the disco
Nero doesn't want to know, Nero's watching video

He's moving out, he's moving up, he's always moving on
Nero moves his body to a thousand disco songs
Nero is the product of an advertiser's dream
He took in all their slogans, he's part of the machine
Nero do you realize there's another world outside
Where the poor keep getting poorer
And the hungry have just died

(Repeat Chorus)