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John Michael Talbot
Troubadour For The Lord Music
Troubadour for the Lord Music 100%
     Troubadour For The Lord Music
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Wisdom JOHN MICHAEL TALBOT The Troubadour Years
Wisdom Comes from God John Michael Talbot Wisdom
Wisdom comes from God
And with God it shall remain
Like the sand of the seashore
Or the drops of the rain
Or the days of eternity
Who can number these
Who can explore heaven's height
Or the depths of the sea
Before all things were created
Wisdom came to be

The beginning of wisdom
Is the awesome fear of God
Which is formed in the faithful
In their mother's womb
With devotion from of old
She inebriates with her finest fruit
And fills our house with food
Her garland is the fear of God
Her blossoms, peace and good