Isn't It a Miracle

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Bernadette Negus/Deborah C. Bailey/Nick Robertson
First Sunday Publishing/Sunday Best Music
Sunday Best Music 100%
     First Sunday Publishing
     Sunday Best Music
Verse 1
Born into a broken world
Where earthly things will fail us
Sometimes faith can be so hard to find
But in the midst of brokenness
Wonder of all wonders
Heaven made a way for hope to rise...

Isn’t it a miracle
That God Himself should love us so
To send a precious Son
His One and only One
Isn’t it a dream come true
That God would give to me, to you
Such redeeming grace
Takes your breath away
Isn’t it a miracle

Verse 2
Born into a broken world
Infant, King, Redeemer
Clothed in such a frail humanity
Taking on our brokenness
Jesus comes to save us
Vagabonds and wand’rers though we be