Jesus Loves You

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Greg Walton & Mary Walton
JesusGlue Ministries, Inc.
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     JesusGlue Ministries, Inc.
Mary had her baby at the age of seventeen
She gave her to a family 'cause she couldn't meet her need
She had to do it all alone, never heard it in her home that Jesus loves you
Joey's dad's an alcoholic while his mother cooks and cleans
He can't let him meet his friends because he always makes a scene
If he drinks when he gets mad, will he end up like his dad?
Will he ever understand that Jesus loves you?


Oh, our spirit's always willing but our flesh is always weak
We row around the world for love and find our boat has sprung a leak
We are blind and we are broken, we are mindless to be meek
And we look in many places when it's Jesus that we seek

When Peter's mother was fourteen, her parents made her leave the home
She was shot in south Detroit leavin' Peter all alone
He's only seen his father twice, when will he hear advice that Jesus loves you?
And Jill was only eight when she became an adult
She was threatened not to tell and then was told it's all her fault
You'll never see it in her eyes. She's a master of disguise
Will she ever realize that Jesus loves you?

(Repeat Chorus)

He's the man who fed 5,000 and the man who calmed the sea
When they nailed Him to the cross, he was only thirty-three
As His mother knelt and cried and they pierced Him in His side
Did you realize Jesus died because he loves you?

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, I heard you're havin' trouble and I heard you're feelin' pain
Life is rollin' past your ears fast as a subway train
Before you take it on your own, I just want to make it known
That you'll never be alone 'cause Jesus loves you