You Are Light

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Mary Rice Hopkins
Big Steps 4 U
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     Big Steps 4 U
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You Are Light Mary Rice Hopkins Whispering Wind - Mary Rice Hopkins
When the day is done but the night lingers on
The weight of the world I can't hold
When it's too much to bear
Oh Lord, I know You are there
For You bring rest to my soul


You are the light to the darkness
You are strength to the weak
When the night surrounds us
You are the hope that we need
So I come to You on my knees

Jesus said, "Come all you weary ones
You will find strength very soon
I will not leave you
In your time of need
For that's when I'll carry you through"

(Repeat Chorus)


I come before You
I know You are Lord to the broken, brokenhearted
So give me the strength, Lord to trust You
And wait for Your peace that illumines the night

(Repeat Chorus)