One Note

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John Michael Talbot
Troubadour For The Lord Music
Troubadour for the Lord Music 100%
     Troubadour For The Lord Music
Title Artist Product
One Note John Michael Talbot The Master Musician
One Note JOHN MICHAEL TALBOT The Troubadour Years
One note cries out to the Living God
One note cries out from the depths of one soul
Yet captures the soul of all humanity
One Lord, one note, one soul

Once voice cries out from the silences
One soul cries out from the deep solitude
Yet captures the sound of a mighty chorus
One voice for a whole multitude


One Word spoken from the silence
One Light Eternal from the darkness of dawn
Jesus, our Word Incarnate
Jesus, our eternal song

One note speaks more than a symphony
One word speakes more than the prophets of old
So our speeches and sermons all lay silent
When just one word speaks the depths of all souls

(Repeat Chorus)