He Was the Savior

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Bernadette Negus/Karen Willett
First Sunday Publishing
Sunday Best Music 100%
     First Sunday Publishing
Verse 1
Couldn’t have been easy they’d think she’d lost her mind        
A virgin with the baby she was carryin’ inside                  
Mary pondered in her heart all that the angel told                      
No matter what they thought, she’d always know

He was the Savior
He was the Savior
Worth givin’ up the future she had dreamed of
He made her life worth livin’ and dyin’ for
He was the Savior
Oh He was the Savior

Verse 2
Now she stood there weeping her son up on that cross
Words the prophet spoke of were racing through her thoughts
Mary felt the sword of grief pierce deep into her soul
And as she watched Him die, she had to know

When His spirit left the veil was torn in two
Mary held her breath- and she knew, yes she knew!!