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Meredith Andrews/Audrey Assad/Bryan Brown
Mesmerized Music/Word Music, LLC/Fortunate Fall Music
Fortunate Fall Music 33.33%
     Fortunate Fall Music
Word Entertainment, LLC 33.34%
     Mesmerized Music
     Word Music, LLC
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Glory Deeper
Glory Deeper
Glory Meredith Andrews Glory
I feel the weight of the world
There's a burden on my shoulders
Seems like I'm wasting my words
And my prayers are going nowhere

The light and dark are wrestling in my heart
A war for my affections
A hundred voices ringing in my head
A war for my attention, but


I believe You will overcome
All the fear and the fight in me
And my suffering cannot compare
To the weight of Your glory
Your glory, Your glory

Sorrow may last for the night
But joy comes in the morning
There may be heartache in life
But Your wounds will be my healing

Your love has won the battle for my soul
I know I'm not alone here
I fix my hope upon Your promises
I'm counting on Your mercy, 'cause

(Repeat Chorus)

...Nothing compares

(Repeat Chorus)