Let Love Win

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Jordan Michael Bailey/Michael England Loy/Jeremy Menard/Justin Thomas Mosteller/Ross King/Benjamin Backus
Simple Tense Songs (BMGP)
BMG Rights Mgmt 33.34%
     Simple Tense Songs
Lord Your love builds bridges that can not be burned
It speaks truth that can not be learned
It’s a treasure we can never earn
It goes places we’re afraid of going
It’s not a fist its a hand wide open
Reaching out to the down and broken


We believe Your love is the strongest way
You’re tearing down walls and You break our chains
Even in this darkness hope will rise again
When we lay down our weapons we will let love win
Lord we lay down our weapons and we let love win

Lord Your love is a friend to it’s enemies
It takes a hit then turns a cheek
You laid down Your life for peace
Love won’t cast a single stone
Its never proven by words alone
You come alive in our flesh and bones and in our souls

(Repeat Chorus)


What if fighting for our beliefs
Looks more like surrendering
Though that's the hardest thing
What if standing up for what's right
Means laying down our pride
Even laying down our lives

(Repeat Chorus)