The Joy

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Ian Eskelin/Jeremiah Carlson
Clever Name Publishing/Promotion And Relegation Music/Radiate Music, LLC/Stoppage Time Songs
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I was born into a broken world
I've had ups and downs and crazy things, they have occurred

Pre-Chorus 1

Then suddenly I knew Ya, it felt like Hallelujah
When I heard You say


Welcome to the joy (welcome to the joy)
The love that never ends (the love that never ends)
Where the grace of God renews again and again
(Welcome to the joy)


Verse 2

I was lost, but now I found
That happiness ain't joy, just ask around

Pre-Chorus 2

It's nothing circumstantial, it's something supernatural
I cannot contain

[Chorus] [x2]


The joy of the Lord is my strength, nothing can take that away
The joy of the Lord is my strength, Hallelujah

[Chorus] [x2]


The joy of the Lord is my strength
Nothing can take that away (welcome to the joy)
The joy of the Lord is my strength