Laugh Out Loud

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Jason Gray/Jason Ingram
Centricity Songs/GRAYBIRD Songs/Open Hands Music/Open Hands Music/So Essential Tunes/Sony ATV Timber Publishing
I shake my head at my good fortune
As I shake the dust off of my boots
Yesterday I was an orphan
Somehow today I belong to You
Somehow today I belong to You


Ha ha, don't it make you wanna laugh out loud?
Oooh oooh, and shout, "Hallelujah!"
Oh yeah, if you got joy go and let it on out
Ha ha ha ha, laugh loud loud

I was alive but I wasn't living
A prisoner of my fear and shame
But when you find you've been forgiven
Laughter will rise like a holy kind of praise
So I throw my head back and offer up my thanks!

(Repeat Chorus)


He said bring to me your heavy heart
Take my hand and we'll go whistling in the dark

(Repeat Chorus)