A Celebration of Life

Word Entertainment, LLC
7012608268/080688599225: CD - Compact Disc, 701266925X/080688599249: Cassette, 7012669268/080688599225: CD - Compact Disc, 701266968/080688599225: CD - Compact Disc, 8068859922/080688599225: CD - Compact Disc, 8068859924/080688599249: Cassette, DU069919/080688599225: CD - Compact Disc, EK069919/080688599225: CD - Compact Disc, EK69919/080688599225: CD - Compact Disc, ET069919/080688599249: Cassette, ET69919/080688599249: Cassette
Track Title Artist Label
1 My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord Word Entertainment
2 Jeremiah's Groove Word Entertainment
3 Hallelujah, He Abides Word Entertainment
4 Its in the House Word Entertainment
5 Praise The Lord Everybody Word Entertainment
6 Stand Up Word Entertainment
7 We Change The World Word Entertainment
8 He Touched Me New Haven Records
9 We've Come to Praise Him Word Entertainment
10 God Specializes Word Entertainment