Keep the Change

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Robin Wolaver, Bill Wolaver & Annie Wolaver
Eb And Flo Music
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     Eb And Flo Music
Never try to change a man
I've heard these words are true
And working from the upside, downside, outside angle
I never could change you
So many times I tried to peel away
That alligator hyde
Smack you on the backside
To wag and nag and cry, cry, cry

You couldn't even change yourself
I've seen you try to grow
But all of your immensely princely promises
Just grew a greener toad
Then Jesus called with all the love
You need to change your ways
I saw the transformation
And all I've got to say is


Keep, keep, keep, keep the change (no more shame on you)
Keep, keep, keep, keep the change (you're lookin' good in new)
Keep, keep, keep, keep the change
You've been saved
Keep the change

Suddenly the light of love
Was shining in your eyes
I saw you learning how to bow to God and pray
The future turned so bright
This is not a temporary band-aid for the pain
No five and dime conversion
You'll never be the same

(Repeat Chorus)