Read Between the Lies

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Robin Wolaver & Bill Wolaver
Eb And Flo Music
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     Eb And Flo Music
You came strolling into my life
How'd you get around the wall
Make me lay down my defenses
Will this be another fall
You're disturbing my cool facade
Questioning the premise that I'm all I've got

I've been hurt so bad so many times
Living in a lonely shell
Pretending I am all sufficient
Not even honest to myself
About the broken heart inside
Long for love, but living a lie


If I say that I don't need You
I'll go on the same without You
Bitter truth lies deep inside my desperate alibi
Can You see my soul is empty or trace the tears I hide
If You love me, read between the lies

You've heard it said that love and loss
Are two halves of the whole
And you've got to pay the piper
But the price can gouge your soul
Every scar I carry shows
Oh won't you get close

(Repeat Chorus)