No Tomorrow

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Staci Frenes & Kenon Chen
Flavor 18 Music/MODERNXDOTCOM/Stone's Throw Music
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I have made my home inside these walls
A silence that goes through each empty hall
Now I see out and no one else sees in
Love is more a stranger than a friend
And I know I must open up the door
To a world that I can no longer ignore
By the fragile and the sacred who collide
In the human struggle to survive
And I am somewhere in between
Myself and who I need to be


If I can live
If I can learn to let go
Then I can love
I can love like there’s no tomorrow

Taking cues from someone else’s lead
Making sure it’s safe before I leave
Trade away the wonder of the unknown
For a little bit of world that I control
And everything keeps coming back to this
A love is given fear cannot exist
Why is it so hard to understand?
That a closed fist is not an open hand
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
And I only have myself to blame

(Repeat Chorus)


What am I gonna do
With words I never say
What am I gonna do
This love I never give away

(Repeat Chorus)