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Margaret Becker & Mary Danna
Ensign Music/Modern M. Music
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     Modern M. Music
Ragged infidel
Consecrated fool
On my own walk to Emmaus
How could I not know You?
Slow of heart to believe
How quickly I forgot
The sound of Your sweet voice
The day we first met


Didn't my heart burn within me?
Doesn't it burn in me now?
Why does my mind try to reason
What my heart's figured out?
That You walk here with me by my side
Oh Lord, come and abide
Abide, abide, abide

Help my unbelief
I feel lost and blind
I'm standing in Jerusalem
But a stranger to the sight
Break Your bread of life
Come fill me with Your wine
Bless me with Your presence
And open up my eyes

(Repeat Chorus)