God Is Bigger Than All This

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Greg Magirescu
Angel Cake Cafe Music
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     Angel Cake Cafe Music
My life is autobiographical
Most days mundane and laughable
I sweat the small stuff
Lost in the details, not enough time
Lying awakie in the middle of the night
I should be sleeping
All I want, all I need
Is the grace that reminds me that


God is bigger than all this
God is bigger than all of these things
Why do I dwell on all the moments I've missed
'Cause God is bigger than
God is bigger than all this

Another morning and I miss my bus
And now there's a leak in my coffee cup
It figures
Trying so hard just to get it right
Did I remember to kiss my wife
I think I'm losing it
Oh Lord, what's happening to me
You'd think by now I'd be able to see that

(Repeat Chorus)

So much I'm missing
Stuck in the rut of wishful thinking
Blind to the blessings
Wasting my days obsessing
About the way things might have been, but

(Repeat chorus)