Bigger Than the World

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Rick Goad, Carolyn Goad Pankalla, Regie Hamm & Jim Cooper
Dayspring Music, LLC/Giving Hope Music/Mi JITA Music/Unknown Publisher
Music Services50%
     Giving Hope Music
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     Dayspring Music, LLC
I've been working day and night
With all my might
To keep this image up
Trying hard to get it right
It's such a fight
Still it ain't enough
Feeling like I'm in a daze, in a maze
Trying just to figure out
Where I'm going, wat I'm doing
Can anybody hear me calling?


I need someone who can solve my problems
I need a power that is higher than myself
'Cause I'm not big enough to solve them all
I am small but I can call someone bigger than the world

I get myself into a mess
With all this stress
There's no one else to blame
Nobody would ever guess how powerless I feel, it's such a game
I'm playing day and night
With all my might to keep this image up
To what I'm doing, where I'm going
Jesus, can You hear me calling

(Repeat Chorus)


And when things are getting rough
I know my God is big enough
There's nothing He don't understand
He got the whole world in His hands

(Repeat Chorus)