Leanin' on

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Greg Walton
JesusGlue Ministries, Inc.
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     JesusGlue Ministries, Inc.
Lai dun dai diddle laidun daidun dai dai
Lai dun dai diddle laidun daidun dai
Lai dun dai diddle laidun daidun dai dai
Lai dun dai, ya, ya, ya

Trials are comin, comin' from all over
Tryin' to turn all my hope to dismay
But I'm not gonna let it bring me down
'Cause I know a better way


And I'm not gonna worry
No need to worry
I'm not gonna worry, no
Leanin' on, leanin' on the Spirit of grace

Lai dun dai...

You can take the shirt off my back, I don't need it
Take my coat, I don't really care
You can take my body to be burned if you want to
But I know my God will be there

(Repeat Chorus)

And I know what's goin' on
Yeah, I know what's sustaining me
All my chains are gone
'Cause I keep Good Company

(Repeat Chorus)


I don't have to worry about anything
My Goal goes beyond all time and space
Leanin' on, leanin' on , leanin' on
Leanin' on the Spirit of Grace