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Antonio Delgado
C. A. Music
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     C. A. Music
Complaints of a gray sky
Things are kind of tough
Not knowing what to do now
Life seems kind of rough

Feel like you're running in circles
Not making any ground
You'll try anything and everything
To get your feet up off the ground

But one thing stands for certain, there's things you've got to do
You've got to put the puzzle together
And piece up all the clues, 'cause


What about love, what about peace
What about the things that set you free
What about hope, what about truth
What about the things he does for you
it's not about one, but it's about all
Giving praise to the maker of it all
What about, what about being true

It seems over time you've forgotten
What your job is here
You spend all your time worrying
And living life in fear

You see I'm trying to remind you
Can you pick up on the clues
Lift up your voice and sing a song
Sing away the blues

Sometimes you've got to give it away, give it up to God
Lift up your voice in a hymn of praise
And thank Him for what you've got

(Repeat Chorus)