Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

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Graham Kendrick
Make Way Music
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     Make Way Music
So many centuries of watching and waiting
But when the moment came, well nobody saw
Traders and travellers hurried by
And life went on just like before, just like before

In all the clamour a new baby crying
One more poor family shut out in the cold
Nothing unusual, sad to say
Hasn't it always been this way


But nothing will ever be the same again
(This night has changed) (this night could change) everything
Nothing will ever be the same again
Since the night He came

So rare we recognise our history in the making
Meet angels unawares and pass on our way
Blind to the moment of destiny
While precious years just slip away, slip away

And now a door is standing open before you
Casting its light into the darkness around
Stop for a moment, step inside
Tonight could be your Bethlehem

(Repeat Chorus)