Streets of Gold

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Mary Rice Hopkins
Big Steps 4 U
Streets of GoldMary Rice HopkinsJuggling Mom - Mary Rice Hopkins
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     Big Steps 4 U
Someday you'll run
Someday you'll play
Like all the other children
You'll have so much to say

Someday we'll have wings
And together we'll soar
And all the pain and sorrow
Will be no more


We will dance together on the streets of gold
We will run together and we'll not grow old
And all of our wishes and all of our dreams will come true
'Cause baby, you know how much Jesus loves you

The gleam in your eye
When you look at me
Means more than words
In your heart I see

One day you'll sing
A voice that will soar
But nothing compares
To being with our Lord

(Repeat Chorus)