Hold Me Close

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David Kauffman
GFTSMusic Publishing Company
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     GFTSMusic Publishing Company
Some grow up never certain of love
So they toil for the attention they've lost
They do anything to bring
A little comfort to their soul
But every single effort cries what they need most
They're saying


Hold me close, share the love that I've been missing
Hold me close, help me trust in love again
Hold me close until I know that love is here to stay
Oh can you hear me say hold me close

Can you recall the days when love seemed far away
And the plans you made for fear to take its place
If you ever feel like giving up the love you really need
I pray that someone near you has the eyes to see
You're saying

(Repeat Chorus)

Some let pride conceal inside
The hollow of their heart
As they wait, so their heart will be
Some reveal their heart unhealed
Begging for embrace
Let your outstretched arms say "Come to me"

And the miracle that happens when hesitation dies
Is that the love we give to others becomes the love we feel inside
So say

(Repeat Chorus)