Lonely Eyes

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Jim Fowler
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Going southbound on an Indiana train, and it's barely six a.m.
I've been looking through this faded mazazine, one I bought a way back when
But my mind is on a northbound place, with a chimney made of stone
And a lady with a tear-stained face, she's the one who made that house a home

So please tell me, conductor, can't you turn this train around
I have had a sudden change of heart
There is nothing up ahead I want to see right now
Loneliness is tearing me apart


Lonely eyes were lyin'
When they said I'd never long to look in hers again
Lonely eyes are cryin'
Guess they will not rest until I'm on a northbound train

The day is breaking and the home town is asleep, she'll be waking to the dawn
Reaching over to those cold and empty sheets, she'll remember that I'm gone
When I left her all I thought of were the times we had dark and cloudy days
But I guess the clouds were mostly in my eyes, blinding me to all she gave

(Repeat Channel & Chorus)


Guess they will not rest until I'm on a northbound train
Guess they will not rest until I'm in her arms again