Blessed Is the Man

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Marty Goetz & Jennifer Goetz
Singin' In The Reign, LLC
Blessed Is the Man Marty GoetzSanctuary - Marty Goetz
Blessed Is The ManMarty GoetzHe Is My Defense
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     Singin' In The Reign, LLC
Now and for always, it is written
Penned by the loving hand of God
"My people perish without vision, they go astray"
And when a man makes it his mission
To go where others have not trod
Into the valley of decision to show the way
Of him they'll say, they'll say


Hallelujah! Blessed is the man with a vision
Hallelujah! One who delights in God's Word
Hallelujah! He is a lover of Jesus
Hallelujah! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord

And in the midst of tribulation
He will stand steadfast and secure
Gracious is he who shows compassion in all his ways
And when his hands are filled with riches
They're still extended to the poor
This one will bless his generation all of his days
And of him they'll say, they'll say

(Repeat Chorus)


And out of the darkness breaks the dawn
Shining its light upon the righteous
And his inheritance lives on
And they will speak of him forever, forever
They'll say

(Repeat Chorus)