I'd Like to Know

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Jana Alayra
Montjoy Music
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     Montjoy Music
This very hour, like each one in my life
I'd like to know, I'd like to know
What You tell the angels
When You send them to my door
I'd like to know, I'd like to know

As I read the tattered pages of the portrait of Your heart
I almost feel Your breath upon my soul
But in the craziness of my life
When You feel so far away
I need to know, I need to know

What is Your heart
What is Your mind
In the shades of grey where do You draw Your line
How would You pray
What would You say
To the ones You love who won't forgive today
Show me Your heart
Show me Your heart
And show me how to be the same

Living by the waters where Your wisdom runs deep
I long to know, I long to know
All of the answers You have for my life
I need to know You, I need to know You

Oh, my heart is breaking
So much time we're wasting
On battles of our own
Oh, wherever You may take me
Hold me and remake me
So that I may know, Lord, I'll always need to know