Moose on the Loose

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Mary Rice Hopkins
Big Steps 4 U
Moose on the LooseMary Rice HopkinsIf I Knew How To Moo - Mary Rice Hopkins
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     Big Steps 4 U
Way up in Alaska, oh what a sight to see
Well, I've always wanted to ask ya
What was that running down the street
You said his name was Gus
He's a moose on the loose, you know
I said, "Is he late for a bus?"
You said, "Yeah, Gus likes to go!"

Well Gus ran past the crowd
And all the cars slowed down
Just to see a moose
Headed for the kids' playground
The children just smiled and much to their surprise
They sang for a little while with a gleam in their eyes


He's a moose on the loose, havin' fun on the run
He always takes time with us each day
He's a moose on the loose, havin' fun on the run
He stops with us just to play
He's a moose on the loose and that's okay

Then all the men in suits, decided to call home
They were singing the blues on their cellular phones
And mom was on her way, but she was busy too
She saw the moose at play
And said, "What's a mom to do?"

So she kicked off her heels and I could not believe
My mom was not on wheels
She was climbing up a tree
Now Gus has inspired my whole family
It is now our desire to take time to play each week