Righteous Anger

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Tim Hosman
C. A. Music
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     C. A. Music
Five and a half, she has had quite a life
Her father's so loving- she doesn't know what is right
In innocence she lets him have his way
Tomorrow there will be scars
From what's been done today

Chorus 1:

We turn away, afraid to face the danger
Well, I'm here to say I'm feeling a righteous anger
A righteous anger

He cries in his sleep- all of his dreams have been shattered
Fear in his heart, a child whose body's been battered
The winter clothes alone can't hide the scars
This time mommy's gone too far
And broken more than just his heart

(Repeat Chorus 1)


We must raise a voice for those afraid to speak
We must take a stand and try to right this wrong
For they are weak but He is strong

Chorus 2:

As children play, still others live in danger
I'm here to say I'm feeling a righteous anger
I'm not afraid
For our God can face this danger
Help's on the way, bringing a righteous anger