Love Is Here for Me Today

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Tim Hosman
C. A. Music
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     C. A. Music
I've been haunted by impossible dreams
Always reaching for unreachable stars
For I heard that love lies
Over the rainbow
But I could never see that far


There's a love that's here for me today
There's a light that shines and will not fade away
Jesus broke the spell of yesterday
I'm giving up fantasy 'cause I know
Love is here for me today

Once upon a time
I loved make-believe
In my wonderland no hurt
Could break through
Though no prince ever came
To save me from my sadness
Until Jesus showed me dreams can come true

(Repeat Chorus)


Well, I could close my eyes
And fantasize
Inside some magic world
But dreams won't take me very far
If I'm just wishing on a star

(Repeat Chorus)