Hit and Miss

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Tim Hosman & Si Simonson
C. A. Music
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     C. A. Music
You hit the streets for action
On the trail of a thrill
Craving satisfaction
Moving in for the kill

Your finger's on the trigger
The target's in your sight
Suddenly it slips away
You're blinded by the night


Hit and miss
A shot in the dark
Bullets are flying
But they're missing the mark
His and miss
You're out of control
There's a price to pay
When you gamble with your soul

The way that you've been playing
Shatters all of the rules
The bullets ricocheting
Will break the heart of fools

You try to hit the bullseye
And win the biggest prize
But then your desolation
Nails you right between the eyes

(Repeat Chorus)