Daddy, Where Is His Daddy?

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Ronna Jordan
New Branch Music
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     New Branch Music
A father and his little girl were walking hand in hand
On a Friday morning as they always had
But their eyes were quickly drawn to a crowed scene
A man who wore a crown of thorns was held upon a tree


Daddy, where is His daddy
Is He all alone
Daddy, when will it be over
Daddy, does He have a home

Could this be the carpenter claiming to be king
Was He the Messiah or a common thief
All the questions in her mind could not be held in
And with no hesitation, she asked him once again

(Repeat Chorus)

Honey, God is His daddy
Honey, He is not alone
Honey, everything is over and He is finally home
Honey, He is finally home
Honey, He is finally home