He Couldn't Save Himself

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Tim Hosman & Niles Borop
C. A. Music/Word Music
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     C. A. Music
The people stood by watching Jesus die
The soldiers laughed at Him, His mother cried
The rulers mocked Him saying, "If You really are the Christ
Then save Yourself"

He could have forced the people to bow down
He could have had the rulers gagged and bound
He could have made the soldiers swear allegiance to His crown
But gladly He withheld


For He couldn't save Himself
For He and no one else
Could be God's holy, blameless sacrifice
He couldn't save Himself
And ransom us from hell
When Jesus saw His death would bring us life
He couldn't save Himself

The beatings and the shame were not enough
It took His death for us to know His love
And as they laid His body down, the Father raised us up
So our Messiah fell

(Repeat Chorus)