Point To You

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Seth Mosley/Darren Mulligan
Dayspring Music, LLC
Point To YouPoint to You
Point To YouWe Are MessengersWe Are Messengers
Word Entertainment, LLC50%
     Dayspring Music, LLC
How can I forgive when I can’t forgive myself
How can I move on when all I have is regret
How can I face you when I keep turning away
How can I make it past the noise of my shame


I need a miracle
Some healing for my heart
I need a revelation
A brand new start
I want simplicity
Where I can rest
But I need a miracle
To put my past to death


I know You want my heart
My bruises and my scars
I’m coming as I am
The only way I can
I can’t forget from where i’ve come
And what my heart’s been rescued from
Some point to destiny
Some even to point to me
I point to You
I point to You

I want so badly just to finally get well
But I don’t want a quick fix, an emotional sell
I will be honest with my humanity
No I’m not perfect, and I don't pretend to be

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)


People say that I’ve lost myself
I say I’m found in You
People ask, where does my story end
I say it starts with You
I know You want my heart
My bruises and my scars
I’m coming as I am

(Repeat Chorus)

I point to You (2x)