Now Is Forever

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Lauren Daigle/Paul Mabury/Paul Duncan
Annie And Clyde Music/CENTRICSONGS/FLYCHILD Publishing/Lauren Daigle Publishing Designee/So Essential Tunes/Sony ATV Timber Publishing
I need to see You turn this water into wine
I need to see Your kingdom come with my own eyes
Take anything You want, I'll hand it over
Now what to hold, and what to leave behind


I wanna let forever in
Show me the moment where I end and You begin
I wanna be where heaven is
Lord stay with me until now is forever

Take the treasure and the trial, I cast them off
'Til I am holding on to nothing, but the cross
Depending on the love that won me over
Surrendering the right to keep control

(Repeat Chorus)


Awake, awake, my soul
Awake to know as I am known

(Repeat Chorus)