Working in the Waiting

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David Myers
Centricity Songs
You know the pain of waiting for a while
To see an end to the struggle and the trials
You’ve known the darkness while searching for the light
And what you’ve found is faith is not by sight


And He promises He’ll hold you through the night


Sometimes it feels like eternity
To see His working hand
But you know that sometimes only God can see
A purpose in His plan
Soon you’ll find the truth
Behind the beauty in what He’s making
He’s just working in the waiting

You’re wishing that the story that He’s making
Would show you what the Savior is creating
And with every tear you cry that’s falling down
Will find a peace that holds you through the doubt

(Repeat Chorus)


Sometimes what we can’t see
Is a bigger plan beneath
If we only just believe
That our God knows every need
If His eye is on the sparrow
Then He’s watching you and me

(Repeat Chorus)