Green Light

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Chad Mattson/Michael Gomez/Victor Oquendo/Jonathan Lowry
Centricity Music Publishing (Capitol CMG)/FORTYHOURDAYS (Direct)/Rita's Son Music/Unknown Publisher
Green LightUnspokenUnplugged
I was sitting at a red light, I heard You say
Stop where you’re going, head the other way
But you know, it’s hard letting go
Still if you take away every little thing I’ve done
You store it in a safe like a loaded gun I would wait until the day


That I get the green light
I won’t move until I see
The green light
In Your time I know You set me free
To follow the dream You put in my heart
And I know it’s gonna be alright
‘Cause I wait for the green light

I got my blueprints back on my home-made plans
I’m collecting my thoughts for the garbage can
I won’t guess, You know what’s best
Where there’s no pain there’s no gain that can be won
So break me and make me till I become what You want
Moving along to

(Repeat Chorus)


It may come to me in the middle of the night
Come when I least expect it
It may come to me in the broad daylight but
I know I’ll be ready for the green light, yeah the green light

(Repeat Chorus)