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Steve Fry
Deep Fryed Music
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     Deep Fryed Music
Little fresh-faced girl came into my world
A special gift to me– she was my little one
And I became her hero
You would hold my heart when you held my hand
Your eyes would say it all– I could’ve taken my stand anywhere
And been your hero


Life is water running through our hands
Love is the forever treasure we will always have

I watched you laugh as the years flew by
Suddenly you were a princess, but still my little one
And I was still your hero
Then one day your eyes were alive with love
I knew the time was right for you to hold the hand of another
And make him your hero

(Repeat Chorus)


As the years fade to a twilight glow
And your love grows strong, may you always know
You’re my little one, and you’re his princess
But every now and then, for you I still can be a hero

(Repeat Chorus)