Listen To Your Heart

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Matt Arcaini, Shuree Rivera and Fred Williams
Shadow Moses/Shuree Music/Songs From The Penalty Box/We are Younger We are Faster Music
Listen To Your HeartShureeBe The Change
Madison Park Music, Inc.66.67%
     Shadow Moses
     Shuree Music
     Songs From The Penalty Box
     We are Younger We are Faster Music
Verse 1
I can listen to my heart Listen to my mind Listen to the past Listen to the lies
That got me chained inside
Why I can, why I can't Why I'm this, why I'm that Always looking back Never free to fly
Cause I'm broke inside
But no matter how I feel or what they say
You say I'm strong enough Your power lifts me up When I listen to your heart
You say I'm good enough I'm loved no matter
When I listen to your heart
Verse 2
I can think about the hurt Think about the pain Think about my pride Think about the rain Keeps me cold inside
Or I can think about your love Think about your truth
Think about you
All things new
Amazing grace