Close as I Can Get

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Jason Walker/Bradley Peter Rempel
Dayspring Music, LLC
Word Entertainment, LLC50%
     Dayspring Music, LLC
Well I thought I was the wild one
Like a drifter out at sea
But Baby that was way before you ever got ahold of me

Thought I’ll be Mr. Have It My Way
I'd be living as I please
But judging by the way that you've been looking through me

I think your reading my mind
I'm probably giving you all the signs
You might be the girl I need
But we're both gonna have to wait and see
I'm starin' out over the edge
Wasn't plannin on ever diving in
I'm not ready to fall in love just yet
But I wanna be as close as I can get

Don't you know I wanna hold you
But you've got me paralyzed
My heart my hands and your sweet lips are fighting with my foolish pride

Well I wish that it was easy - Just to let my feelings show
Yeah I can try to hide em
But it looks like you know


Just dippin' my toes in the water - Not ready for the ocean yet
Time's tickin and the fire's getting hotter - Wanna be as close as I can

As close as I can get