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Zach Hall & Luke Whitney
Shadow Spring Music
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     Shadow Spring Music

Girl you ta ta ta tease me, baby, then you leave
Got me trippin' on the things you do
I na na need you like no other girl
You please me like no other girl
But you ain't never making no moves
Girl, why you such a tease
You got me on my knees, begging please
I just want you in my life, gotta have you in my life
You're such a tease
you got me on my knees begging please
I just want you in my life, gotta have you in my life

Girl, you know I want you
And I can see you're digging me
You got control of me, I'm feeling like I can't breathe
A female like you deserves a man that's true
And that's me
Girl, I want you on a regular
You make me want to put a ring on you
Don't mean to rush, but I get a rush when I'm with you
Got my brain going nuts when I'm with you
Got me fiendin' for your touch when I ain't with you
You tell me "Boy I miss you"
When I get home I'll fix you, but here's the issue

(Repeat Chorus)

Baby come on over here and let me tell you something
This little something
You ain't the one for me
And I just want to let you know
I've been holding back so now I'm about to let it go
Beautiful troublemaker, that's what I call you
To confront you that's why I call you
Little misery in disguise
I heard about you with them other guys, why, why, why
Acting like you don't know my face
Girl, you need to know your place
Sending me text to make up, you need to wake up
Quit hitting me up on myspace
Then the next day "I want you"
Then the next day "I need you"
Then the next day "I love you"
Then the next day "It's all over again"

(Repeat Chorus)