It's a Game

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Jessica Drake
Jessica Drake Music
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     Jessica Drake Music
Hurry up, I've got enough to make it home
Whatever I say is going through a speakerphone
Getting offended, god that gets in the way
You're turning it up, and you're distorting what I say

I covered it up, and I was filtering these thoughts
According to others who'd just tie them up in knots
I can't make you happy, god I can't hold it in
Worried about it all is wearing me too thin
They'll need to move over


I'm sick of all this hesitation
Does this look appealing
Oops, don't hurt their feelings
It's insane
So careful on this bed of glasses
You don't dare roll over
You'll spill them all over
It's a game

Someone will tell you that you need to speak up now
And some people grow up wearing stitches on their mouths
I'm trying to get home, trying to get by
The only place that I can talk is in my mind
When will they move over

(Repeat Chorus)


I'm giving up
I'm letting go now
And I'm forfeiting this mess
It's not easy saying what you want
Believing that it's all just okay
Yeah, is that okay
Can you move over

(Repeat Chorus)