You You You

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Jessica Drake
Jessica Drake Music
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     Jessica Drake Music
Why you gotta fall apart
Right when I'm standing next to you in a crowd
Why you gotta make a scene
Making me tell other people I don't know you now
Like the world will end
Because your friend said something 'bout that nothing, slacking, stalkerish ex-boyfriend
I think you're secret wanting a little drama


You feel you have to overdo
You're always thinking 'bout you
Just you, you, you

Why you gotta cut me off
Can't get a word in because you think it's so important
Why you gotta buy these things
So you can show everybody you can afford it
Like we care to compare someone
That's not even there and still you think that everybody just looks at you
I think I'll slip you this one clue and get a move on

(Repeat Chorus)


Can you ease up on this diva motion
'Cause I know you're not that bad
And if you get a hold of yourself
You will see the friends you still have
But until then you'll be the same dramatic queen

(Repeat Chorus)