A Little Bit of Love

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Wendi Foy Green & Brian Green
B In The Basement Music/GATTICAKES Music
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     B In The Basement Music
     Gatticakes Music
So many people out there are hurting
I see them every day
Giving all they got just to make it
But they’ve lost their way
I want to reach out with a hand to help them
I wanna change the world so they feel safe


A little bit of love
Can go a long, long way
A touch from a friend
Can chase your fears away
A little bit of love
Can make a scared man say
“I will not give up”
Cause all it takes is love, yeah
A little bit of love

I know their hearts are breaking in pieces
I see it in their eyes
They don’t know that they’re showing the sadness
But the pain won’t hide
I wanna bring them hope to stop the sorrow
I want to flood the darkness with the light

(Repeat Chorus)


Love can bring some laughter
To a tear-stained face
Love can give you wings to fly
To a beautiful place

(Repeat Chorus)