The Man on the Middle Cross

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Mosie Lister
Barbara Lister Williams/Brenda L. Vann/Martha J. Lister/Mosie Lister Songs/Southern Faith Songs
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     Southern Faith Songs
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     Barbara Lister Williams
     Brenda L. Vann
     Martha J. Lister
Three crosses once stood
On a lonely hill
Where three were crucified
There was One without blame
On the middle cross
And a thief on either side


Oh the Man on the middle cross
Was my Lord
Dying to save me from loss
Sinless and blameless, I see Him now
Looking down from the middle cross

On Calv'ry's dark hill
Where the crosses stood
My Savior in anguish tossed
Father O Father forgive them now
Came the cry from the middle cross

(Repeat Chorus)