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Margaret Becker
Modern M. Music
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     Modern M. Music
Like a crazy lunatic
I found the nearest cliff
And climbed up to the top
And with one big shaky breath
I ran up to the edge
And dove right off
I shut my eyes real tight and held my arms
As wide as wide will go
Imagine how amazed I was when
I felt myself start to float


Oh, no wings, no right
I shouldn't glide
Oh, but I believe
Therefore, therefore, therefore
I fly

Now every Promised land
Comes with honey and
Its share of giants
Now I'm no Joan of Arc
But I believe the part
Where conviction brings triumphs
It's amazing how much you can do with
Just a slingshot and a stone
When everything inside you says it's
Not what you see, but what you know

(Repeat Chorus)


All these years buttoned up, buttoned down
Tucked in real tight
Left me in a crazy mood
For a differnt kind of flight

(Repeat Chorus)