Follow Me

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David Kauffman
GFTSMusic Publishing Company
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     GFTSMusic Publishing Company
No one securing their hand to the plow
With eyes looking backward can follow me now
No one securing their heart to the past
Embraces my love, so true and steadfast
Let go, let go.

Anyone wishing to follow the way
Anyone wishing to go and proclaim
Must have the freedom to leave all behind
Surrender what’s yours to receive what is mine
Let go, let go


We will follow you
We will answer the call of the Lord
With our hearts we will enter the greatest adventure we know
We will follow through with the passion of love in our lives
We have heard the words that set us free
Follow Me

The journey we walk is one day at a time
Keep your eyes fixed on the task that you find
I will not ask you for what you can’t bear
Remember my love is the clothing you wear
Let go, let go.

There will be moments of solace and rest
There will be moments you’re put to the test
There is no place we’re attempting to earn
Only a way that we’ll live and we’ll learn
Let go, let go

(Repeat Chorus)

We surrender all that we know
We will follow wherever you go