Thank Him for the Miracle

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Mosie Lister
Barbara Lister Williams/Brenda L. Vann/Martha J. Lister/Mosie Lister Songs/Southern Faith Songs
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     Southern Faith Songs
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     Barbara Lister Williams
     Brenda L. Vann
     Martha J. Lister
Once because of my own thinking
I was lost and I was sinking O so low
Living down in the darkness
With my mind where the righteous do not go
Til the day I fully realized
That God could deliver me and more
Raise me up to higher heights
And give me joy I never had before


And I thank Him for the miracle
That brought me from the wrong to the right
The miracle that saved me
That brought me
From the darkness to the Light
And I thank Him
For the never ending song of praise I sing
And I thank Him for the miracle
That made me a child of the King

In the darkness of my soul
I felt a longing jurst to trust in His embrace
And I said Lord can I love You
Can I hope to ever look upon Your face
Then I took Him at His word that said
Believe in me and you will never fall
Believe in me and you will be
As if you never strayed away at all

(Repeat Chorus)