First Love

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Wayburn Dean & Doug Beiden
WAYJADE Music, Inc.
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     Wayjade Music, Inc.
At a quiet time and in a quiet place
I can hear Your voice as You speak to me
Like a lowly lamb that is laying down to sleep
Lord, You speak through Your word and it soothes me


Never let me lose my first love
My first love is You
Take me through the corridors above
Where an endless time is true
My life is all I have to give
So in the end I will live
With You for all eternity
My first Love is You, Lord
My beholden love is true
Lord, my first love is You

Like a treasure souvenir fashioned by You sincere
I can find comfort
Lord, I know that You're there like no other love that is ever known
I can rest in Your promise and that moves me
Lord, no greater love has no man than You
And my love for You still honest and true
I will always remember when I gave my life to You
The joy that filled me has kept my heart anew
You're my first love