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Scott Faircloff, Erin Sparks, Zak Sparks & Travis Rosen
Scottfair Music
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     Scottfair Music
Just another day
To lose myself in the human race
I feel so out of place
Thought I heard Your voice
Somewhere lingering above the noise
Somewhere beyond the static


It's happening all too much
Living without Your touch
THis world is cold without You
I don't want to let You go
'Cause deep inside I know
I'm not myself without You

Staring at my fate
Tell me now long it's gonna take
Before I suffocate
Life can't stay this way
Something's gotta break
Inside of me
Move me closer to You

(Repeat Chorus)


No, I won't lie about it
My heart can't deny it
I won't be the one
To push Your love away

(Repeat Chorus)