Another Soldier's Coming Home

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Janet Paschal
BMM Music Inc
Spring Hill50%
     BMM Music Inc
Chorus 1
Strike up the band assemble the choir
Another soldier's comin' home
Another warrior hears the call
He's waited for so long
He'll battle no more
'Cause he's won his wars
Make sure heaven's table
Has room for at least one more
Sing a welcome song
Another soldier's comin' home

Verse 1
His back is bent and weary
His voice is tired and low
His sword is worn from battle
And his steps have gotten slow
But he used to walk on water
Or it seemed that way to me
I know he moved some mountains
And never left his knees

Verse 2
He faced the winds of sorrow
But his heart knew no retreat
He walked in narrow places
Knowing Christ knew no defeat
But now his steps turn homeward
So much closer to the prize
He's sounding kind of homesick
There's a longing in his eyes